Friday, January 20, 2012

So the today was my first day back at work this week after a 2 day ESL training.  Although this training was mainly preparing me to take the test to become ESL certified, I of course like always came back with new and better ideas.  I have always labeled items around my room.  I do my best to make my students environment rich with text and pictures.  This year I stepped it up by adding the spanish word along with the English word to help my spanish speakers become more fluent.  After my training however I have decided that just the word is not enough.  This is my new spin on labels in my room.  The picture, the word, the spanish word and a student friendly definition including pics.  I used pixwriter for typing my definitions and I got the pictures from the ULS program that we are using in our classrooms.

Of course I laminated these after piecing them together.  Now I can use these for years to come and not have to make new classroom labels each year.

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