Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We have tried some new things in our class this year.  We have made a functional word wall.  The kids have been helping to save their food labels to add to the wall.  We have everything from sight words to pictures to Spanish words.

For our learning centers we have placed pictures on the buckets so that the students can easily identify their center work.

For the center board I have placed the student's picture along with the three centers pictures that they are suppose to do.  They remove the pictures as they do that center and then place it in the finished envelope.  The top envelope is for the extra center pictures that are not being used.

For the center directions I had my daughter take pictures of each step that the students are suppose to do in order to complete their work.  It is a great visual for them.  I paired it with words for the exposure to words.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the pictures on the bins! I think that Bradley has this in his class and that is how he communicates and knows what is next, you seem like such a great Special Ed teacher!

  2. Awe thanks! Pictures are always great support for all kids. It is a strategy that they also teach for ESL. Great visual for the students. Love my job and my kiddos!